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Influencers, Affiliate & Sponsorship

We collaborate with influencers, content creators and esports professionals to promote Defy Gaming and extend our reach whilst supporting our community.

Why Join #TeamDefy

We’re leading the Custom Controller game in the UK and making moves worldwide. As a gamer who joins our team, you’ll benefit from:

  • Commission from affiliate referrals
  • Free merch and tech
  • Exposure through our digital channels
  • Access to sponsorship and collaboration opportunities


#TeamDefy members above all are passionate about gaming. We’re looking for talented esports professionals and engaging content creators. 

It’s not just about the numbers of followers you have, it’s about the dedication and passion you have towards games and your following. 

We assess every application for membership individually however ask that you only apply with a minimum of 10,000 genuine followers. You must be able to show analytics to prove engagement.  

Apply Now

Applying to join our team as an influencer, content creator or eSports professional is easy. Fill in the below linked form and a member of our team will assess your application. 

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